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Smokers will likely try and fail four to five times before quitting successfully.

Although not fully established for Type II diabetics, experts recommend that Type I diabetics should be monitoring their blood glucose four times daily.

Drugs account for a significant part of the health care bill; they are still the most cost effective means of treating disease.

Antibiotics are highly effective in treating bacterial infections but they are useless against viral infections such as the flu.

The inappropriate use of antibiotics is likely the major cause of the development of resistance to antibiotics by bacteria.

Education has been shown to be a simple but highly effective means to reduce the inappropriate use of antibiotics.

The Women's Health Initiative reported that hormone replacement therapy increases the risk of heart disease, the complete opposite of what was believed previously.

Our company is a team of licensed bilingual pharmacists with many years of experience in both community and hospital settings.

SOLUTIONS in Health Inc. designs, organizes and implements a wide range of programs for patients, pharmacists, physicians, employers, pharmaceutical companies, and health benefit providers.

Our services include, but are not limited to:

Prescription drug and medical device compliance programs
Follow-up programs with patients to ensure proper compliance, resolve technical issues, dialogue on disease state, manage potential side effects, reduce potential therapeutic failure, reduce medication waste, and of course, offer encouragement to improve compliance.

Coordinating employer/employee wellness initiatives
On-site wellness programs for employers wishing to improve their employees' health, thus improving productivity and decreasing absenteeism. Examples of on-site initiatives include smoking cessation, asthma, allergies, cardiovascular health, and diabetes.

Health plan review and design for employers
Offer strategies to improve the utilization of medications, reduce medication waste, improve compliance and control escalating drug costs.

Toll-free information line
Provide medical and drug information to professionals, and patients via toll-free phone lines.

Health information seminars
Public forums on varied health topics, such as diabetes, hormone replacement therapy, incontinence and mental health.

Drug/Medical Information Services
Information provided by licensed, bilingual pharmacists with many years of community and hospital experience. Services include literature searches and pharmacovigilance in a professional and confidential manner.


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